Our Purpose

  • Providing the best interest to you
  • finding out the best solution to your life
  • Make the complex simple
  • Deliver a better future to you

The relationship you can count on

  • AAS is one of the best accounting service firm located in Melbourne.
  • We offer fantastic service every time, with outstanding qualification and experience.
  • We are the provider of practical accounting, audit, tax, business and financial advice to individuals and businesses.
  • Our team will provide complete accounting, taxation and business support service that integrate with your business and wealth creation goal.
  • We also give business start-up advice and management consulting.
  • We have different culture team member in our team and may speak your language. And your case will be processed by our senior team leader and experienced staff.
  • We understand taxation issues are complex, but we will make your life easier.

Our Clients


We have strong relationship with our clients, understanding our service how to overlap their personal, family and business issue.

Small and Medium Enterprise

We have worked with SME for many years and created valuable experience in integrate with your wealth creation goal.We are happy to help any successful or ambitious business owner or professional person with their accounting and taxation needs.


If you are looking to do business in Australia, we are able to assist you in establishing a business. We have strong experience how to implement a successful strategy embedded with your business goal. Base on our experience, the earlier you contact us the easier for you approach to success and our technical knowledge in this field is second to none